Claris FileMaker® for Government Organizations


We specialize in developing custom Claris FileMaker solutions for state and local government organizations. We'll manage your FileMaker development and licensing needs and work with you through every step of the procurement process. We have a deep understanding and years of experience with detailed state security protocols, managing budget cycles and ensuring a reliable application.


Trusted by government organizations in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

For when you need reliability

Let us handle your inventory, image storage, surveys and accreditation needs.

We'll work in conjunction with your IT department to ensure we meet all necessary standards.

Automatically integrate with your raw data for seamless workflows

Access calendars, email and other data applications directly from your solution

Create the custom reports your organization needs

We'll work with your deadlines and budget cycles

We use industry best practices for all security measures

From secure cloud hosting to on-prem hosting to data center hosting, we'll work with your needs

Check out our REUSE solution for surplus property agencies.

Read about the ORPHEUS and OPERA solutions built for the Oregon Health Authority.